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A new generation has arrived! Unbelievably, it’s been over 20 years since I first “published” the original family cookbook, Harrisville Heritage. Needless to say, a lot has happened in the decades that passed: our family grew, our palates expanded, and new “classic” recipes emerged. Young eaters transformed into chefs, the way we communicate evolved with the times … but the family remains connected by a shared love of food, tradition, and trying new things.

So what’s the deal with this website?

After two editions of Harrisville Heritage cookbooks being delivered in print, we’re going digital!

Why digital? Well, there are several things I’m excited about. Here’s just a few:

  • Convenience. All THREE cookbooks are now available in one place! (Wait, three? YES, three! Click the tab for Volume III to see the brand spankin’ new cookbook.) Not to mention, you can access them from home, work, vacation, etc.
  • Usability. You may have noticed that some of the early print editions were lacking in things like … indexes? (Personal pet peeve. Sorry about that. Really. Here’s one you can print out for your old version of Volume I.) No more! Each volume has a main page with a clickable table of contents. The search functionality at the bottom of each page lets you easily find specific recipes or search by ingredient. You can also click any chef’s name to see all of the recipes that they contributed.
  • Real-time updates. Along those lines, IF there were to be any errors (horrors!), they can easily be corrected. Different version of a recipe online than the one you inherited? Let me know, I’ll add alternate versions of recipes.
  • Comments. Oh, but you liked being able to write notes in the margins? Now you can leave notes on a recipe by commenting at the bottom of the page…and everyone can benefit from your experience! Let’s talk, and learn from each other. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more ways to interact.
  • Keep it growing. Is there a recipe missing? I can add it at any time! Have great people photos? Send them along and I’ll add them to the gallery. I’d also love to get to the point where we have a photo for each recipe … but it may take me some time to cook through all the recipes. Help! When you make one of these recipes, take a pic and send it to me — I’ll add it.
  • Sharability. Not everyone got a copy of the original cookbooks (a situation I’ve tried hard to rectify), but the family continues to grow. By putting this online, we can easily share as our familial westward expansion continues.

Now everyone get back to cooking! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have.

With much love,