Mustard Pickle

1 qt tiny cukes (whole)
1 qt medium cukes (sliced about ¼”)
1 qt green tomatoes (cut into small chunks)
1 qt small onions (whole)
1 lg cauliflower (cut in small florets)
3 green or red peppers (combo)

Make brine of 4 qts water and 1 pt salt. Pour over the vegetables and let stand 12 hours or overnight. Heat enough to scald, then drain. Mix ⅔ c flour, 6 T dry mustard, 1 T turmeric in enough cold vinegar to make a smooth paste, then add 2 c sugar and enough vinegar to make 2 qts. Cook this mixture until it thickens, stirring to prevent sticking. Add veg and simmer until tender, but not soft, stirring often. Put in jars.

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