Classic Pesto

¼ c pine nuts
3 med cloves garlic, unpeeled
2 c packed fresh basil leaves
7 T extra virgin olive oil
½ t salt
¼ c finely grated Parmesan cheese

Toast nuts in a small, heavy skillet over med heat, stirring frequently, until just golden and fragrant, 4–5 minutes. Set aside. In same pan, toast the garlic cloves, shaking pan occasionally, about 7 minutes. Cool, peel, and chop.

Place basil in a large ziploc freezer bag, and use meat pounder or rolling pin to bruise all leaves.

Combine nuts, garlic, basil, olive oil, and salt in a food processor; process until smooth. Transfer mixture to a small bowl and mix in the Parmesan; add salt as needed to taste. Cover with plastic wrap and use within 3 days. May also be frozen for a nice hit of summer in the middle of winter!

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