Brownie Pudding (the best kind)

¾ c sugar
2 T cocoa
½ t vanilla
1½ c boiling water
Brownie mix, prepared, but not cooked

Combine sugar, cocoa, vanilla, and water in ungreased 9×9 pan. Spoon brownie mixture in pan. Bake at 350° for 35-40 min., until firm. Cool 30 min; serve warm with ice cream.

Editor’s note: Purists in the family will argue that nothing beats a recipe that’s 100% “from scratch.” The results show otherwise. Those of us with fully functional taste buds (ahem) will admit that sometimes, shortcuts lead to more flavorful results, as is the case with this fine fan-favorite fare here. Should you wish to try the alternate recipe that, while pure in its “from-scratchiness,” failed to triumph in the Grand Brownie Pudding Blind Tasting Cook-off of 2010, look here.

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