Nana’s Basic Meatball Recipe

1 lb hamburg
Salt and pepper
Parmesan or Romano cheese
Grated bread crumbs (non-seasoned)
1 egg, beaten
Fresh parsley, chopped
Raisins (optional)

Mix ingredients and roll into balls. Brown in a skillet over medium heat, turning meatballs to brown all sides. Once browned, cook in with spaghetti sauce for 25 min to a half hour.

Jo’s notes: Take it easy on the bread crumbs! Maybe a quarter cup? The more cheese, the better. If cooking in the oven, try 20 minutes at 350°. 30 minutes is TOO MUCH.

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  1. Rusty says:

    This looks like a Great British Baking Show Paul Hollywood technical challenge!
    No amounts listed, mix, and cook.


  2. Totally, Rusty! It has taken me many iterations to figure out how *I* like it. At least it is flexible? 😀


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