Henry David’s Crab Bisque

1⅓ qt light cream
1⅓ qt half and half
2⅛ oz sherry
1⅛ oz brandy
1 t white pepper
¼ lb lobster base
1 small Spanish onion
2 stalks celery
1⅔ sticks butter
½ lb flour
1¼ lb crab meat
¾ oz butter
⅓ oz white wine

Put light cream, half and half, sherry, brandy, and pepper in large stock pot. Heat, add lobster, stirring carefully. Chop onions fine, and sauté with butter. Brown celery, add flour to make stiff roux and cook to eliminate flour taste. Saute crab in pot with butter and wine until very hot (180°). Slowly thicken with roux, add crab meat when soup is thick. Simmer 15-20 min, stirring continuously.

Editor’s note: Haven’t made this (although I’ve often dreamed of it); based on the odd measurements, I’m wondering if the original recipe was cut by a third?

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