Fine Dining, Newfoundland Style

One of the most interesting meals I ever had was planned and served to Abby and I by eight-and ten-year old Jo and Yo. First, the setting was magnificent, if a tad exposed: a classic 2-person rectangular rock had been deposited on the rocky shingle of the Codroy River in Newfoundland just below the famous Chignic salmon pool and alongside two popular salmon riffles, perhaps 60-70 feet from the water during average water conditions. This boulder was an ideal table, and the addition of a couple of rounded rock seats made the perfect set up. The young ladies escorted us down to our table — we had reservations — in the slanting rays of the setting sun coming through the tall black spruce trees from across the river, just as the evening fishing was in full progress. The muted rush of the riffles, the occasional loud splash as a frisky salmon leaped, the overheard commentary of the dour Newfoundlanders as they fished their way down the riffles were an ideal accompaniment. First, the wine waitress brought out our pink rock glasses of California blush. This was soon followed by (all disguised as appropriately shaped and colored river rocks) steak, corn on the cob, peas and potatoes, with a sort of pie/tart for dessert. Our waitresses were most knowledgable about their fare, and the entire experience took somewhat under an hour. The reputation we thus established along that particular river no doubt still lives on!

Jeff Butler

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