Crystal Salad Dressing

⅓ c vinegar 2 T sugar 1 t salt ½ t dry mustard Heat to boiling point and cook 1 minute. Stir in ¼ c salad oil and 1 t grated onion or onion juice. Also good made with herb vinegar.

Sweet-Sour Dressing for Coleslaw

1 c Miracle Whip 3 T vinegar ⅓ c sugar ½ t paprika few grains cayenne pepper Mix thoroughly; make adjustments for your own taste.

Parsley Soup

1½ to 2 c chopped parsley 2 med carrots, chopped 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 med onion, chopped 2 or 3 med potatoes, cubed 1 clove garlic, minced green or red pepper (optional) 1 can chicken broth or chicken cubes dissolved in water Melt 1 T olive oil and 3 T butter or margarine in…

Mustard Pickle

1 qt tiny cukes (whole) 1 qt medium cukes (sliced about ¼”) 1 qt green tomatoes (cut into small chunks) 1 qt small onions (whole) 1 lg cauliflower (cut in small florets) 3 green or red peppers (combo) Make brine of 4 qts water and 1 pt salt. Pour over the vegetables and let stand…

Mimi’s Mincemeat

1 qt ground beef (or finely chopped), moose, or deer 2 qt chopped apple ½ lb ground suet (more or less) ½ lb raisins, ground ½ lb raisins, whole 1 t nutmeg & cinnamon ½–¾ t cloves ½ t salt 2 c sugar 1 c vinegar 1 c boiled cider 1 glass apple or grape…