Mary Thayer’s Kosher Dills

6 sterilized quart jars
36 cucumbers or so, depending on size, washed
3 c water
3 c cider vinegar
6 T kosher salt
Mustard seed
Garlic clove
Fresh dill

Into each jar place:

  • 1½ t mustard seed
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 head of dill

When half full, pack with cucumbers (raw) in whatever size and shape you choose to cut them. Add more dill and finish packing. Boil water, vinegar, and salt. Pour to within ¼” of top and seal.

Mary’s youngest boy, Christopher, refused Mary’s pickles for man, many years. He insisted on Klauson’s Dill Pickles. He woke up one day at the advanced age of 18 or so when he realized that his friends were all raving about Mary’s dills. He changed his tune and has been carrying on production of Mary’s dills. This year he made 207 quarts! He has even gained admission into events by paying with a jar of pickles! Perhaps we will see a label in the stores for Mary Thayer’s Dill Pickles?

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