Tips for pancakes…

…to make people think you are a better cook than you are.

  • Naturally, we will use inexpensive pre-prepared pancake powder.
  • Mix with water exactly as specified — the directions are there for a reason!
  • Then whisk in your favorite fruit: the ultimate all-time best is wild strawberries, but blackberries and raspberries and bananas and whatever your mind comes up with are also excellent. Why not blueberries, you say. Well, you can, but everyone does that, so…
  • Cook in 3-4″ pancakes, that are relatively thin: they will cook faster and taste much less doughy.
  • Best with butter/syrup of course.

*Hint: Just using jam from a jar will work if the real fruit is not available, and this will often let you try some way-out fruits. Just be prepared, because the pancakes will basically turn the color of the jam.

**Hint: Don’t like fruit or purple-colored pancakes? OK, using the same el-cheapo easy-to-fix premixed box, after the water, add in honey and ground nuts of your choice (almonds are great, so are hazelnuts, and so are butternuts.) No one will know you used the mix from the taste, I guarantee it.

***Hint: People staying you do not care for? Buy or make some sauerkraut the night before, so it has no connection with morning. Make your batch of pancakes, only add mushed up/ground sauerkraut to the mix. Serve with non-maple syrup. Explain this is breakfast for the foreseeable future.

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