Wing-It Potato Soup

I started experimenting with this recipe on weekends over in Putney at a sheep farm, and it helped to have friends that were so glad someone else was cooking they never complained — ever. I always appreciate potatoes and cabbage since you get a lot for the dollar and a guaranteed full stomach. Find a good loaf of homemade bread for this.

1-2 bundles leeks or 3-4 onions
4-6 potatoes
2 cans chicken stock
½ head cabbage
kielbasa slices
Bell’s Poultry Seasoning

In a stock pot:
Saute a bundle or two of leeks or 3-4 onions. Peel & cube 4-6 med to big potatoes. Add to cooked onions. (Feeling roguish? Leave the skins on.) Add a couple cans of chicken stock. Dilute with water if necessary. Bring to a boil, then simmer til potatoes are just turning soft. Add about 1/2 a head of big cabbage, sliced. Savoie is a nice alternative. When potatoes are soft, mash about half of them to thicken up the mixture. Add whatever quantity of sliced kielbasa you like. Add salt, pepper to taste — and the secret ingredient…Bell’s Poultry Seasoning left over from the Thanksgiving stuffing recipe.

Usually I add too many items and the pot is full to the brim and boils over. Someday I may figure out true quantities. Ha. One other way to do this is to cook the potatoes first and drain them, then start with onions etc. Less potato flour in the mix, and gives a more clear broth to the soup.

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