A Family Introduction

Well, this is aimed at new members to the Farina circle. I remember when I first went to Christmas cum Thanksgiving cum Easter cum Big Birthday dinner at Connie’s. The discussion for days…nay, weeks…ahead was of the meal and variations on what it would be and how it would taste if this or that was added and with what dessert and who would make what. Then, a meal TIME was selected, with all experienced members knowing this merely indicated the DAY the meal would be served. When the meal was served, filling completely a 10-12 person table, pictures were taken. No, not of the participants, except by accident, but of the meal, parts of the meal, close-ups of the more unique dishes and so on. The actual meal conversation varies greatly, ranging from main dish to accompanying vegetables to home made rolls to dessert to what might make future alternative choices to generalized overall complementary (and complimentary) portions, often with heart-felt sighing. Finally, the discussion for a week afterwards was of the meal in a kind of nostalgic “we’ll ne’er see its like again” mode. Eventually, anywhere from 1-5 months later, the pictures come back and the delightful event is relived for its final resting place. Farinas, in short, take their food seriously!!!

Jeff Butler

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