Recipe for a Saturday Night Baked Bean Supper and Overnight at Granite Lake


Mix 8-10 adults and 6-8 children (ages 2-12) with 1 grandmother (in her mid-sixties)
Prepare at least 1 large pot of Baked Beans
3 doz. Parker House Rolls
3 doz. frankfurters
1 large cabbage slaw
relishes and condiments
2 large Blueberry pies and Ice Cream
1 large can (about 5 doz.) doughnuts for evening snack and Sunday morning
Also, coffee, Pepsi, ginger ale, and root beer

After supper is cleaned up, and a cleanup in the lake for children, start a fire in the fireplace, move the kitchen table into the living room for an uprorious evening of Hearts. Young mothers settle their offspring ā€” maybe one or two in cribs, or an improvised bed, or wrapped up in a sleeping bag on the floor.

And then the fun begins! After several calls or visits from upstairs that they can’t go to sleep, things quiet down a bit, and about midnight everyone calls it quits, and proceed to find a place to sleep ā€” upstairs, the living room, or on the porch.

It is 7 a.m. too soon!

Helen “Mimi” Wright

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