Part II: Sophomoric Taste Buds

Every day, this is the case: Have a Coke and a Smile; Pepsi — Generation Next; Sprite — Obey Your Thirst; Big Mac Attack; Burger King — Your Way, Right Away; Beef — It’s What’s for Dinner; Pork — The Other White Meat; Got Milk?; Brown Eggs Are Local Eggs, and Local Eggs Are Fresh; Remember — It’s More Than Pizza… It’s Boboli; Kraft Singles — More Milk Makes ‘Em Good; Move Over Bacon — Now There’s Something Leaner; Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs; They’re Greeeat!; Head For The Border; Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop; They’re Magically Delicious; Soup Is Good Food; Finger Lickin’ Good. Does this really appetize you? We learn as we grow, are shown by those who know. Slowly we learn to discern true goodness.

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