Our Morning Surprise at Granite Lake

August 2002

One morning at Granite Lake, Harris (age 1) had just awoken.  His doting mother was up, getting his breakfast bottle ready.  All of a sudden, Mumma heard “quack, quack” off in the distance and thought, “Here are the ducks for the first time on our vacation!” So she grabbed a piece of bread from the bottom drawer in the kitchen, spun around, and hoisted Harris up into her arms.

Out the door we ran, around the side of the house, running on toes to miss the hurtful little stones, onto the narrow passage between the house and the garage, and OUT we burst into the back yard.  Oh My!!  Five feet away from where we stand, up out of the very tall, bright-green water grass comes Mr. Blue Heron.

Up, up, up he flies and down the inlet and off over the lake.  Oh, he is so beautiful.  And Harris watched him every minute with his big blue eyes and his mouth wide open in astonishment.  Then, while sitting on the stones dangling our feet in the lake, we fed our bread to the sweet ducks.  What a perfect start to a day at Granite Lake!

Dinner that night: 
Grilled Steak
Fried onion rings
Corn on the cob

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