BAP (Beans & Peaches)

1 or more cans Campbell’s baked beans
⅓ c (more or less) dark brown sugar plc* (per large can)
½ c 100% maple syrup plc (sub. molasses OK)
6 crisply fried strips of bacon plc, broken into pieces
1 can peeled cut soft peaches plc

Take enough cheapo Campbell’s basic baked beans in cans (none of the fancy types — the more basic the better) to feed however many you wish. A large can will basically feed 2 or 3 if it is the main mean, more if a side dish. Empty can into appropriately sized saucepan and warm until the sauce is gently bubbling. Add brn sug and map syr, stirring for 2–3 minutes, keeping med. heat. Drain the peach syrup to a side container (for breakfast? mixing with vodka? whatever), and cut each peach slice so it is half as long, then add the peaches. Turn heat to low, simmer 4–5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain the excess syrup from the sauce pan to taste. The mixture of tastes, including the hot peach slices, will be delicious, and the Campbell’s junk beans unrecognizable to the taste…

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